Wednesday, December 04, 2013

"The Traditional Architecture of the Fez Medina" ~ a Public Lecture

A lecture by Kamal Raftani, an architect who has worked with UNESCO and ADER will be held Thursday, December 5th at 6:15 PM at the ALIF Annex auditorium. This lecture is open to the general public

"The historic fabric of Fes Medina appears today in a quite harmonious state, despite the huge challenges it is facing at different levels: state of the built environment, social and economic problems, etc. This urban fabric is a result of a long process of construction and evolution made of contributions from different dynasties and populations that have settled in Fez. This includes moments of growth and prosperity as well as times of decadence and decline.

At the architectural level, the historic built environment of Fes Medina consists of different types of buildings, most of which are characterized by the high value of their architecture and the role they have been playing for centuries for the Fes Medina community.

There are different ways to approach the traditional architecture of historic cities. In this lecture, we will try to give an overview on the traditional architecture of Fes Medina through three of its main components: (1) monumental architecture, (2) domestic architecture, and (3) religious architecture."

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