Saturday, December 14, 2013

What's in a Name? - Move to Change National Press Agency Name

For years few people took notice of the fact that Morocco's official press agency was called Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) but now it appears that the word "Arab" is no longer politically correct and a member of the government is setting out to make changes that reflect the diverse nature of Moroccan society

El Khalfi:  in the House of Representatives

Communications Minister Mustapha El Khalfi suggested the need for a change while speaking in the House of Representatives during a meeting of the commission on education, culture and communication.

El Khalfi said that a change would be," consistent with the constitution."

The MP  said he was dissatisfied with the existence of the word Arab in the name of the MAP , wanting therefore that this word should be deleted. The word Arabic , according to the MP,  excludes other Moroccan identities as enshrined in the constitution - Amazigh , Andalusian , African and Hebrew . As a result, the MP,  proposed that the Moroccan News Agency be called Morocco Press Agency. We await developments...

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