Wednesday, January 08, 2014

EasyJet Cancels Flights to Fez and Tangier

The low cost airline easyJet has suspended its summer routes to Fez and Tangier from Paris CGD from the beginning of May.

According to the specialist French publication Air Journal, easyJet will end its four weekly flights to Tangier on May 4, opened in October 2008, and its three weekly flights to Fez on May 3.

Air Journal says: "No official statement has been made on the disappearance of this route, but easyJet said on its Facebook page that it, "manages its portfolio of routes to best meet the local demand of passengers, ensuring effective use of devices and profitability for each route operated. We studied the 2013 program and have retained the best options for that purpose. EasyJet has made ​​a strategic decision to discontinue its service between Paris and Tangier from this period."

This leaves open the possibility that a return of the route in autumn. EasyJet also serves Agadir in Morocco (4 routes) , Casablanca (3) and Marrakech ( 13).

The withdrawal of service by easyJet comes on top of an announcement by Ryanair that it will cancel up to 30 routes to Morocco - although their website still shows many of these routes as being available. This follows the announcement by the government of a new tax on flight tickets, due to come into force on April 1. To see our previous story on this, CLICK HERE. 

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Anonymous said...

These are NOT good news ...

Anonymous said...

These are not good news ...