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Moroccan News Briefs #110

Morocco Moves on E-Cigarettes 

Morocco has seen anBetween influx of e-cigarettes, but there are conflicting alerts about health and smoking cessation in light of a return to increased smoking in France. The High Authority for Health (HAS) is to update its position on methods to quit smoking.

On Tuesday, the agency has submitted its recommendations on good practice for health professionals, focusing on a central role in GP and opting for a pragmatic discourse on the electronic cigarette. Recalling that "only 3% of people who try to quit smoking only succeed, "the report strongly emphasised the importance for the smoker to be accompanied in its withdrawal by a doctor. "The proportion then goes to 20%, said Dr. Cedric Grouchka, college member of the HAS. It is easier to quit cocaine or alcohol than cigarettes. "

In this report, the general practitioner is given a key role in the fight against smoking. "The family physician is a long-term partner for patients, it gives a special value to his word to be enjoyed," says Professor Albert Ouazana, who presided over the work of the HAS on the subject.

In Morocco nicotine substitutes are reimbursed up to 50 euros per year. With the explosion in the number of smokers claiming to have stopped smoking with e-cigarette, the position of the HAS on the subject was highly anticipated. They have opted for pragmatism. "It is impossible for us to recommend the e-cigarette as product withdrawal because we lack scientific studies to evaluate its effectiveness and its impact on the long-term health, says Cédric Grouchka."However, it is likely that the toxic risk is much lower in the short term than a conventional cigarette. That is why we do not deter smokers of e-cigs."

Underage marriage is 12% of marriages contracted in Morocco

The phenomenon of early marriage persists and even tends to increase in Morocco. This is what was said at a meeting organised last Saturday, January 18 in Tangier, under the theme "The mother-child, face the challenges of teen pregnancy."

Chaired by Cherif Lalla Oum Kaltoum, deputy chairman of the Association of the National Union of Women of Morocco (UNFM), the event-which was initiated by the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) in Morocco closely with the regional section of the UNFM-Tanger Medina and the support of the Canadian Embassy in Morocco, "is to advocate to end teenage pregnancy and child marriage in Morocco. This meeting is part of a series of activities planned in several cities of the Kingdom, and in order to raise public awareness and development actors at the local level to the dangers of these practices, "said Mieko Yabuta, representative UNFPA Morocco.

The speaker pointed out that despite the progress made ​​by Morocco in this area through, inter alia, the adoption of the new Constitution and the Family Code, the phenomenon of child marriage is assuming alarming proportions. Just after the wedding, "these girls are often subjected to intense pressure to have a child, although she still children themselves. Reflected in the rate of adolescent fertility, aged between 15 and 19 years, which remains high in Morocco, "says Yabuta.

According to statistics issued at the meeting, the number of marriages of minors in Morocco increased from 33,253 in 2009 to 34,777 in 2010 to over 39,000 in 2011. "12% of girls aged between 15 and 24 years who have had sex have had unwanted pregnancies," says Hind Jalal, program specialist at UNFPA in Morocco.

Interveners at the meeting agreed that the interrupt pregnancies girls' education, limited economic opportunities and their chances of being autonomous. They stressed the importance of facilitating access to information and services on sexual and reproductive health services appropriate to their age which is a key condition for them to realize their potential.

"The prevention of unwanted pregnancies among the teenage and solving problems associated require the application of holistic and multisectoral approaches," says Ms Jalal.

It should be noted that the work of this event began with the opening of a photo exhibition under the theme "Too young for marriage." This exhibition of 15 days dealing with various topics of this meeting, including pregnancy and childbirth teenage girls who are the cause of 70,000 deaths per year. This day was also marked by the film "Malak" Moroccan filmmaker Abdeslam Kelai, which deals with teenage pregnancy.

The First Woman Wali in Morocco

King Mohammed VI appointed Zineb El Adaoui Wali of the region of Gharb-Chrarda-Beni Hssen, making her the first woman to hold this position. This appointment is part of a series of new appointments of walis and governors. Zineb El Adaoui hitherto occupied the position of Regional Director of the Court of Auditors of Rabat.

Increase of 1.9 in the index of consumer prices in 2013

The price index (CPI) annual average recorded at the end of 2013, an increase of 1.9 pc compared 2012, announced Tuesday the High Commission for Planning (HCP). This increase was the food and non-food, whose indices rose by 2.4 pc and 1.5 pc.

Changes recorded for non-food products range from a decrease of 9.2 pc for "communication" with an increase of 5.5 pc for "education". On this basis, the indicator of underlying inflation have increased by 1.9 pc in 2013 compared to 2012, said the HCP. Moreover, the CPI has experienced during the month of December 2013 down 0.1 pc compared to November. This variation is the result of the decline of 0.5 pc index of food and up 0.2 pc index of non-food products. Decreases in food prices observed between November and December consist mainly fruit (-6.1 pc), fish and seafood (-5.7 pc) and meat (-1.7 pc), while Vegetable prices jumped 3.3 pc.

El Jadida launches a Collective exhibition of 30 artists

Thirty artists representing different regions and cities in Morocco artists will exhibit their recent work collectively from 31 January to 8 February at the Chaibia gallery Talal El Jadida. Initiated by the Association "Zouhour art and heritage" and "Regional Forum on Culture and Development" in El Jadida, this exhibition provides an opportunity for art lovers to discover the creations of young artists who will exhibit alongside professional artists representing the different schools and trends in visual arts.

Chaibia gallery Talal El Jadida
This group exhibition which will be marked by the presence of a distinguished guest, namely the artist Talal Hussein, also aims to initiate exchanges between different generations of artists and encourage young talents to break into the area. As part of this cultural event, painting workshops will be organised to "Media Library Idriss Tachfini" in favour of aspiring artists. The program for this cultural event also included the organisation of an artistic evening in Azemmour with workshops on environmental and sports competitions.

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