Monday, February 24, 2014

Japanese Tourists Respond to Documentary On Morocco

A documentary film featuring Morocco, shot in December has been shown on Tokyo TV and BS Japan - and now a second one is being filmed. The huge audience and exposure which will certainly impact on the number of Japanese tourists visiting the kingdom.

The response was so great to the first documentary that a second round of filming has now taken place again with the assistance of Production Coordinator, Momoko Nishiyama. This time the focus will be on women in Morocco. It will be part of a full three hour Moroccan feature.

One of the things of greatest interest to viewers of the first film was the sequence shot at Riad Rcif in Fez of a traditional hammam and massage. So a new film crew this week enlisted two Moroccan women to take part. Rachida and Salma spent a long and demanding afternoon squeezed into the hammam and massage room along with the entire film crew and equipment.

Production Coordinator, Momoko Nishiyama
Rachida and Salma
The film crew setting up in the hammam
Salma awaiting the moment to begin the massage
The filming of an argan oil massage

The biggest problem experienced during the five hour shoot was the cold. The heating of the hammam would have caused problems for the cameras and so it was decided to go ahead without the usual warmth. The cold marble and tiles caused some problems especially for Rachida who needed breaks with hot towels to stop shivering.

See our report on the first film shoot here.

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