Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Maroc Electrik in Fez on Friday

See the best new music talents in Morocco perform in Fez this Friday night from 7 PM. A selection of bands from all the regions, from a training program run by the 11 French institutes will be performing

Bands include Gnawa Click, Noisea, Da Legend and Sara Touiger alias Real Blood.

Gnawa Click has a variety of multicultural influences, and is part of the Moroccan underground scene. Their mix of engaging lyrics and musical fusion have seen them perform at many events and festivals.

Noisea is a young group of rap artists formed in 2008, who merge hip- hop and heavy metal. Their influences span Rap, Hip- Hop, hardcore rock and reggae and reflect a musical melting pot, with a Moroccan identity at its heart.

Mehdi EL Himani, known as Da Legend, is a Moroccan rapper of French origin who is based in Fez. He's been performing since 2008 in French and Arabic. His influences are varied, but look mainly to old school rap  and West Coast Blues.

Sara Touiger, alias Real Blood, is a rapper based in Fez. She writes texts in English. Her influences are numerous, but tend mainly towards American old school rap, West Coast Blues and pop styles.

When: Friday February 21 at 7 PM
Where: Cultural Complex Al Houria, Fez
Cost: Free

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