Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music Turns Twenty!

The 20th edition of the Festival will run from 13 to 21 June 2014, with: The Conference of the Birds, "Journey of Cultures" as its theme

This is just a gentle reminder to those of of readers who are intending to visit Fez for the festival - make sure you have booked your accommodation! Several riad owners report that they are already full. The festival programme looks great and the festival should be a major success, once again.

This year sees the twentieth edition of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. To celebrate, The View from Fez takes a look back at some of the images from previous festivals

The Festival's first Artistic Director Gerard Kurdjian with announcer Nadia Lazrak in 2009
The present Fez Festival Artistic Director, Alain Weber 

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pema said...

Fab photos Sandy -- really excellent. But -- why not apply Susannah's (and your) journalistic talents to do a text retrospective of the festival from its start? With quotes from Faouzi etc: It is a fascinating story. I am working on something similar for the festival web site and Simon B is doing the same for Songlines. Your close up perspective would be a useful addition.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this year will better than last year. We don't want to see fake tickets sold at the last minute of concerts. We need more MOROCCAN journalists to cover this events. We tired of the same people saying the same things invited every year for tourism.

Fassi SAHAFI said...

As a Journalist from Fes, My application was rejected many times by the festival organizers simply because I wrote in one of my articles that Faouzi Skali is a big impostor and that he got more than 70000 DHS a month from the fondation and others institutions and also money from the groups managers. This is the reality of this festival. View from fez, plz publish if you're neutral. Many thanks!