Sunday, March 23, 2014

Daily Film Screenings at Dar Balmira in Fez

Gallery Dar Balmira is starting a daily film program at 17:00 pm. The owner, Jearld Moldenhauer, says they are are offering a different film each day of the week. The same films will play the following week as well. A new schedule for the next two weeks can be sent to your e-mail address

Jearld Moldenhauer

Situated in derb Saoud in Gzira, Dar Balmira is full of surprises. The central courtyard is magnificent tribute to the arts and crafts of Fez. All the huge, ancient doors are in perfect proportion to the space and stand alongside wonderful carved plaster in pristine condition. The surrounding woodwork, carved in bold designs, seems to cascade down from artful niches. One of the salons off the courtyard gives us the first glimpse of the complexity of the softly spoken Moldenhauer. It is his private space, and contains a vast collection of movies and books

Guests are welcome to see the photo exhibits and visit the roof deck garden and aviary. The Dar Balmira roof deck offers an exceptional panoramic view of the Medina and Mt. Zalagh so guests are welcome to bring their cameras.

The screenings will be shown on a large 147 cm (diagonal measurement) HD 3-D screen with a separate home theatre 5 speaker sound system. Screenings usually run under 2 hours so that guests may return to their Riads and Hotels in time for dinner. Riad managers are welcome to visit Gallery Dar Balmira to see exactly what we offer to visiting tourists. We also suggest taking a few minutes to look at their web site: Dar Balmira

The schedule

Sunday March 23 European Cinema: Arabian Nights
directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1974, 130 minutes. Blu-Ray

Monday March 24 3D Film Showing: Hugo directed by Martin Scorsese, 2011, 126 minutes
Limited seating, 3D glasses provided. Reserve by phone or e-mail.

Tuesday March 25 Nature Documentaries: Jane’s Journey
The story of Jane Goodall’s life from primatologist to crusader to save our endangered planet. Directed by Lorenz Knauer, 2010, 107 minutes, HD

Wednesday March 26 Hollywood Film: Stand By Me
directed by Rob Reiner. Staring River Phoenix, Kiefer Sutherland and Wil Wheaton, 1986, 86 minutes, Blu-Ray.

Thursday March 27 Exploration: Master & Commander
Directed by Peter Weir. Starring Russell Crowe, 2003, 138 minutes, Blu-Ray


Entrance by donation. Includes Photo Galleries and Film. Film showing begins promptly at the appointed time. Arrive early to see the galleries and the house! Call ahead for someone to meet you and bring you to Gallery Dar Balmira, a 3 minute walk from Rcif.

Program repeats the following week, same day of the week, same film, same time. Films in English, some with French or Spanish voice over or sub-titles.

Contact: 05 35 76 45 85
Address: Rcif (Gzira) 1 bis derb Saoud

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