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Humanitarian Aid or Evangelism?

Youssef Sourgo writing for Morocco World News asks the question "Are there any evangelists in the Rif?"

The problem of some foreign Christian organisations using aid, English language lessons or tourism projects as a cover for evangelism has long been a problem in Morocco. While it is perfectly acceptable for Christians to worship at local churches, active attempts at converting Moroccan Muslims are forbidden. Time and again, radical Christian groups have run into trouble for their activities including smuggling in bibles in Arabic.

A young American student caught offering a Moroccan a bible in Arabic

Youssef Sourgo reports that the newspaper, Al Massae, has published the results of a recent investigation in the Northern Moroccan Rif region

The investigation, published by the daily newspaper this weekend, began after a complaint was lodged by a Sheikh in a popular area of Al Hoceima against an American citizen there.

According to the testimonies provided by the inhabitants of the region, Al Massae reports that the Americans residing in the town of Ait Kamra settled after the earthquake that struck the city of Al Houceima, in order to provide direct assistance to people who were reconstructing their homes at that time.

According to Al Massae, there are several indicators that suggest the Americans there were engaging in evangelist rituals. Some of these indicators are the buildings without a permit where they reside, as well as their insistence on staying in the area.

According to the Moroccan newspaper, the Spanish were the first to practice Proselytism in the Rif region through certain humanitarian activities, such as providing support to associations.

The investigation conducted by Al Massae has placed question marks on the real purpose behind the humanitarian activities carried out in some remote areas. Whether or not these activities are related to the so-called presence of Proselytism in the region is still an unanswered question.

Last month, Moroccan authorities arrested an American citizen suspected of engaging in missionary activities in the city of Al Houceima. The suspect had lived in the region since the 2004 earthquake.

This story thanks to Morocco World News

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