Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tariqa Charqawiyya ~ a Hit at the Fez Sufi Festival

In the 2013 Fes Festival of Sufi Culture the Charqawiyya gave one of the most popular performances and once again a good crowd were on hand to greet them at the Batha Museum. The group is renowned for its infectious high energy ceremonies

The Tariqa did not disappoint. After a quite opening chant of “la illaha il Allah”, the two box drummers of the thirteen man troup upped the tempo which captured the slightly smaller crowd at the Batha Museum.

The Charqawiyya are a branch of the Shadhiliyya, a North African Sufi order out of which many of the present day Moroccan Sufi brotherhoods have sprung. The Charqawiyya are in actuality an offshoot of a prior order annexed from the Shadhiliyya, namely the Jazuliyya, and take their name from Muhammad al-Sharqi (d.1601), a descendent of the 2nd caliph, ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab. Sometimes the Charqawiyya are known by the full name: Charqawiyya Jazuliyya-Shadhiliyya.

Based historically in Boujad, a Moroccan town bordering the Atlas mountains, they are known for their political activism, beginning in the 17th Century with their support for Sultan Moulay al-Rashid (d.1672), the founder of the ‘Alaouite dynasty of Moroccan kings, which still rules to this day.

Tomorrow 9pm (Wednesday): The Tariqa Qadiriyya from Bosnia Herzegovena

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