Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spotlight on Moroccan Documentaries

Young Moroccan documentary makers are the focus of this year's International Encounters Documentary Festival of Fez, which opens tomorrow, May 28 at the Al Houria Cultural Complex and runs until May 31

This is the 8th edition of the International Encounters Documentary Film Festival, which is organised by the French Institute Fez in partnership with the Moroccan Cinema Centre.

This year the films shown will shed light on the current generation of young Moroccan filmmakers, who have chosen to work in this genre, despite small budgets and distribution opportunities. So this festival offers them the opportunity to show their work.

"We chose films that vary in terms of subject, writing and production, not to mention the background of directors, to increase awareness about what is available," said a statement released by the organisers. "The documentary is where the memory of the society is located; this is why the program we present is bursting with young filmmakers who will present their films and interact with the public. "

The public will be invited to enrich the debate. "We also invited French documentaries which are made in or about Morocco, to provide a fresh perspective and so the Moroccan public can discover these directors."

The program for this event also includes a round table discussion, during which the participants will seek alternatives offering other ways to promote the documentaries. Questions will be asked, such as, why are documentaries presented only at festivals and a few TV channels? Why don't theatres welcome documentary films? Why are professional film makers still not able to find alternatives which facilitate the process of production and distribution?

When: May 29 - 3, 5 pm to 7 pm
Where: Complex Cultural Al Houria
Cost: Free
To download the program: CLICK HERE

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