Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Creative Coup for Fez - Fashion Day 2014

The annual Fes Fashion day was held this year at Dar Batha (French Institute) and featured designers Moi anan, Kaoutar Youssefi and Eric Raisina. As well there were four designers chosen from the "New Style Fez Design" promotion. The show began with the popular elegant designs by moi anan to a 1920s jazz soundtrack

The show was held in front of a capacity crowd who appreciated both the breathtaking design on display and the amount of intricate work that had gone into all of the outfits. 

What was particularly interesting was the range of clothing that took traditional elements and presented them in modern daring ways. 

"It is eye catching and inspiring and I had no idea that this could happen in Morocco. Women in Morocco are often frustrated and this shows that we have the power to dress as we want. The future is bright in Morocco and its exciting that women are getting stronger and more opinionated and able to say and wear what they want." Moroccan audience member

Many in the audience were particularly interested in seeing the latest designs from Eric Raisina. Eric is from Madagascar but is based in Cambodia. He didn't disappoint. While some of the male clothing on display earlier was rather tame, Raisina delivered with his usual flare. His use of colour was impressive as was the wide range of his designs. The audience lapped it up.

"Like colourful fish in an aquarium" ~ local Fez photographer, Omar Chennafi

Eric Raisina 
The designers  

The mixture of cultures contributing to the designs was also reflected by the make up of the audience. The Fez Fashion Day attracted  (pictured below) the Austrian Ambassador Dr Wolfgang Angerholzer and his wife, the Thai Ambassador, Mrs Kundalee Prachimdhit  and  the  French Consul General, Gilles Bourbao and his wife.

Philippe Laleu, the French Institute director (pictured above) was delighted with the event - with good reason. It was a stunning display of design and once again showed that Fez can hold its head up in the world of fine fashion.

Photographs: Sandy McCutcheon
Text: Sandy McCutcheon, Sue Bail

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