Friday, June 20, 2014

Fes Festival Sufi Nights ~ Cooler and Calmer

Ensemble of the Zaouia Harrakia Rabat

On a much cooler evening in Fez a pleasantly large crowd of families with children, teenagers and older devotees, gathered together to hear these songs of praise from Rabat's Zaoula Harrakia ensemble

There were added musical riches this evening when an Australian 'Flash Mob' - a choir of about 16 voices - suddenly drew together at the gate to Dar Tazi and entertained the audience arriving for the Sufi night. Their popular songs sung in English and tinged with words of compassion and love were warmly received by onlookers.

The Ensemble from Rabat could not have been more different in musical accompaniment to the Meknes group Rouh from the night before. Where Rouh had ten musicians including violins, piano, zither and drums backing a solo voice - this ensemble from Rabat had nine voices and just one drum for accompaniment. Unfortunately the power of the nine voices could not compare to the richness of sound and the power of Yassine Habibi's solos from the night before. This was a rather tamer affair altogether.

Lori from Toronto told The View From Fez "As a Buddhist I feel that the Tibetan monks would be very comfortable here tonight with the music and the chanting. It is mesmerising. The Tibetans would appreciate these Sufi nights wihich try to take you inside yourself to find peace and healing."

Sofia from Fez said "I love this music - I studied the violin and I understand the power of this music, and the words of praise to Allah, to make someone go deep inside"

Text: Larry Marshall
Photographs: Vanessa Bonnin, Larry Marshall

Fes Festival ~  Saturday June 21

Jnan Sbil Garden 4pm: Ihsan Rmiki

Batha Museum 4pm: Mint Ely Warakane & Raza Khan

Bab Boujloud Square 6.30pm: Kadim Al Sahir

Bab al Makina 9pm: Buddy Guy

Sufi Night at Dar Tazi 11pm: Hamadsha of Fez

Weather: Much cooler - Max 28 degrees Celsius (82.4 Fahrenheit) 

Fez Medina Map

The View from Fez is an official media partner of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

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