Friday, July 18, 2014

1800 KMS OF HIGHWAYS - Morocco On Road Building Spree

During the so called Arab Spring, Morocco was quick to implement massive infrastructure projects to provide employment. Once again, with the problems of Syria, ISIS and instability in Iraq, Gaza and Egypt, not only has Morocco increased its security programmes, but again embarked on creating stability through employment. The major thrust is a road building programme that will see the Kingdom build an additional 1800 kilometres of highways

During a session of the Moroccan parliament, the Moroccan Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mr. Aziz Rabbah, announced that Morocco has a serious plan to create an additional 1,800 kms of highways with work to commence before the end of 2014. However, the actual date of the effective implementation of the project has not been announced yet.

The plan for 1800 kms of highways aims to  improve road access to key economic cities of the country and in particular Fez,  Meknes, Marrakech, Safi, Beni Mellal, Tangier, Nador, and Guercif. It is also intended to strengthen the link between Agadir and the southern region.

At present Morocco has 1 511 kms of highways, but the number is expected to reach 1,800 by the end 2015 and the additional increase will bring the total to around 3,600 km.

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