Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Sixty Million Dirhams for "Operation Ramadan 1435"

On Monday the Oulad Moussa Kariat district of Salé welcomed King Mohammed VI as he launched Operation Ramadan 1435. The initiative, funded by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, will dispense more than 60 million dirhams worth of foodstuffs to the most vulnerable people in Moroccan society

Thousands of people are involved in the operation including social workers, students and volunteers who will work together on the tasks of identifying recipients and distributing the aid. Widows, the poor and disabled will be among the 2.27 million beneficiaries from 473,900 households. Some 403,000 of those households will be in rural and remote areas.

The King also laid the first stone at the site of what will be a new training centre for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

At the same time an attempt by a forty year old radical Islamist to disrupt the King's visit was quickly dealt with. The man had gone to several schools on the route of the royal tour and changed the words under the Moroccan flag from "God, King and Country" to "There is only one God."

The man was arrested. Salé and in particular the Medina are known areas of Salafist and extremist elements but it is thought this man was acting alone. Police are investigating. Neither of the King's engagements were disrupted.

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