Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ait Atta Amazigh Nomads Annual Migration

Photographer Abdullah Azizi has produced a series of extraordinary photographs of the annual migration of the Amazigh (Berber) Ait Atta nomads 

Each spring, nomadic Saghro in South Eastern Morocco, leaving their pastures with their herds of goats, sheep and camels, and their entire family. The caravan sets out to cross the plain of Dades and climbs the southern slopes of the Atlas over 3.000m to the the Izourar lake and highlands.

Ait Atta are a group of Amazigh population of Morocco from the Sahara. Jbel Saghro is their original stronghold. They spread around in the valleys of Tafilalet, Ziz, Dades and Draa.

To discover more, visit the photographer's website: azifoto.com

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