Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music 2015

22nd to 30th of May 2015

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music will take place a little earlier next year. This is good news as it avoids a clash with the Holy month of Ramadan and the weather may well be a little cooler.

Now that the dates of the festival are known, it is time to book accommodation.  Leaving bookings for a few months may well result in only very high priced hotels being available.

Tip for first time visitors: for a real experience of the Fes Festival, book a riad or dar inside the Fez Medina. 

Date: 22nd to 30th of May 2015 

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Anonymous said...

OH No. We have planned our holiday from Australia along with 15 of our friends from all over the world to meet at the Fez Music Festival around mid June 2015!!!! Are you sure these dates are correct because if they are we will not be able to come!!!

Sandy McCutcheon said...

Yes - these dates are correct. Simple solution, change your flights!