Sunday, August 17, 2014

So Hot and Sunny ~ Perfect for Sun Dried Fruit and Vegetables

Temperatures in Fez and many parts of Morocco are expected to rise over 40 degrees Celsius today. Sure, it's hot, but also with humidity under 60% it is perfect weather for making your own sun dried vegetables

Top of the list are tomatoes, which are exceptionally cheap at the moment.

Before and after - note the addition of herbs

Around the country Moroccans are laying out trays with tomatoes, zucchini and figs. With the vegetables they often sprinkle a generous amount of fresh herbs over them, usually basil and oregano. Some people also add crushed garlic and ground black pepper.

Dried figs are quick and easy to make

In this weather, it only takes a couple of days to produce great dried vegetables which can be stored either in local olive oil or in freezer bags and kept in the fridge.

Zucchini prepared for drying

Photos: Sandy McCutcheon & Suzanna Clarke

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