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The Tenth Edition of the Fes Festival of Amazigh Culture

The Tenth Edition of the Fes Festival of Amazigh Culture runs from the 5th to 7th of September 2014. The festival is organised by the Fès-Saiss Association, the Spirit of Fès Foundation and the South North Center with the support of the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture and BMCE Foundation

The festival of Amazigh culture is organised annually in an attempt to participate in the national efforts to promote Amazigh and popular culture. The main objective of this edition is to highlight the historical and social significance of Amazigh and Hassania cultural dialogue, and the role of culture in the processes of development and democratisation. The festival also aims to establish coherent strategies to consolidate intercultural dialogue, social cohesion, and democratic culture.

This festival is a follow up of Royal directives relating to the promotion of the Amazigh and Hassania cultures, which are an integral part of Moroccan national identity.

The festival includes two components: one devoted to the international forum on “The interchange of The Amazigh-Hassania culture and their relation to Sub-Saharan Africa” - and another component devoted to the Amazigh and Hassania music, dance, and poetry.

Both Amazigh and Hassania cultures, which are pillars of cultural diversity in Morocco, have a great impact on the lifestyle of the Moroccan population and on the customs and traditions of the whole society. This interchange between the different aspects of Moroccan culture has created a symbiosis and a remarkable cultural wealth that characterises today's Morocco.

The tenth edition of the festival will be a special period which will shed light on the positive impact that multiculturalism in general and the Amazigh – Hassania cultural dialogue in particular can have on democracy, sustainable development, and heritage preservation.

At last year's festival  Abdelaziz Stati  receives an award from Moha Ennaji


The tenth edition of the Festival of Amazigh Culture in Fez aims to consolidate the development process, the values of peace, dialogue and social cohesion.

One of the main objectives of this forum is to provide a comprehensive and scientific approach to the role of multiculturalism and democracy in Morocco and elsewhere, and to highlight its contribution to development, democratisation, and peace building.

It aims to underscore and to support the positive impact of multiculturalism and democracy in general on economic, social and cultural development, and to explore ways to promote diversity in all its manifestations.

In addition to the forum, the festival will include concerts of the Amazigh and Hassania music and dance, representing different regions of the country and beyond, as well as arts activities and poetry reading.


The festival will pay tribute to four outstanding musicians for their extraordinary talents artistic legacy, and great contributions.

In addition to song and poetry, the festival will include:
- Books and crafts exhibitions
- Works exhibitions
- Amazigh carpets exhibition
- Saharan products exhibitions
-and screenings of films and documentaries

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