Friday, September 12, 2014

Casablanca's Sindibad Park Reopens in 2015

Located in Grand Casablanca, Sindibad Amusement Park (Parc d'Attractions de Sindibad) was once an attraction for hordes of tourists and locals who came to enjoy rides and games. Some of the attractions included whirling carousels, dizzying dodgems, slides and paddle boats. And the icon was the the giant statue of Sinbad staring down at visitors with a manic expression. Over time the park became somewhat jaded. Now that is all about to change

The  Sindibad Amusement Park is getting a remake and for those with  happy memories of the old park, hope is that it will be given a new lease of life.

Desiring a renewal of the amusement park, the Moroccan authorities launched an international request for proposals for the design of a new park, its financing and its management.

The response has seen a joining forces of Groupe Alliances associated with Palmeraie Développement, Somed, and Actif Invest for the financial end of things, and with the Compagnie des Alpes, for management.  The project is slated as an "eco-responsible commitment".

In addition to the amusement park there will be an animal park, an ecological park, an archaeological park and an urban park.

Developed from the concept of "Sinbad's New Worlds", it is structured into thematic islands referring to the countries on the sailor's mythic journeys. The animal park is also divided into five "biotopes", like the five continents. The ecological park, the most deteriorated part of the old site will be born again based on a "re-naturation". The archaeological park is situated where the oldest human remains in North Africa were found. The urban park at the edge of the sea below, will be shielded from the wind, to encourage families and joggers.

Water running from five sources at the top of the site creates natural links between all these parks. An Earth House allows the appreciation of the natural dimension of all these locations with an environment awareness programme. A tower in the park signposts each area.

The project will be completed in 2015 with the construction project managed by,Des Alpes, a French company specializing in leisure. The theme park, it will be managed by Walibi, specialist leisure parks.

And the expected cost of a ticket?  Word has it that it will be set at 15 dirhams per person, and 70 dirhams per family.

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