Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lecture: The Hammam in Moroccan Culture

Naima Lahbil, celebrates the survival of the hammam
The hammam has a vital place in everyday Moroccan culture and experience. Join Naima Lahbil, Moroccan Professor of Economics and current consultant with ADER Fez on the HAMMAMED project, who will discuss its importance on Thursday at 6.20 pm 

Professor Lahbil has long been a champion of the cultural and historic heritage of Fez Medina and worked with UNESCO and the World Bank on many projects.

The HAMMAMED project is working to restore and maintain the architectural and historic integrity of some of the most significant hammams in the medina.

This public lecture will give those who attend an insight into the Moroccan hammam experience, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the direction and goals of the historic restoration projects in Fez.

When: Thursday September 18 at 6.20 pm
Where: ALC-ALIF Annex Auditorium
22 Rue Mohamed Diouri
Ville Nouvelle, Fez

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Anonymous said...

Interesting - I really wonder what they do have to say during this lecture since the only project that they had started in the medina many years ago is stopped - Hammam Seffarine. Will they explain why they actually made this hammam become unusable for all the inhabitants of the Seffarine district ? Would be great to hear their view on that !