Saturday, September 13, 2014

Painting of the Day - Gaston Durel

Our thanks to one of our readers for submitting this interesting image of the Bab Boujloud in Fez. It is the work of French painter Gaston Durel (1879-1954) We have not been able to establish when it was painted but it was certainly some time ago!

A small amount of research turned up the fact that he supposedly first came to Morocco around 1920. However, his Orientalist painting (below) of the Nejjarine Fountain is dated 1917.

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Anonymous said...

In the same vein you would want to publish this 19th century painting from BOUCHOR Joseph Félix of the amazing Bine Lamdoun cascades that were still existing a few months ago before the "renovation project" of Lalla Yeddouna killed them. They are now gone forever replaced by tons and tons of concrete ... very sad.

Painting said...

Some interesting works

Tim Cullis said...

I seem to remember that Bab Boujouloud was only given the blue colour during the French Protectorate, which would put it post 1912.