Friday, September 26, 2014

Security in Morocco - Intercepting Daesh (ISIS) Militants

Authorities have tightened security at Mohammed V airport, expecting the return of Moroccan jihadists who joined the so-called Islamic State.

Casablanca's Mohammed V International Airport is the busiest airport in Morocco, with a traffic of around 8 million passengers each year.

According to a security sources quoted in the Arabic daily Al Massae, "45 Moroccan jihadists affiliated with the Islamic state are intending to  infiltrate Morocco with fake passports".  Security at the airport has been strengthened in every area from passport control and baggage and through to thorough checking of people travelling on European visas.

It is understood that the authorities know the names of the 45 jihadists and that international arrest warrants have been issued.

The jihadists are said to have expertly forged Moroccan passports or sophisticated biometric passports with fake Moroccan visas.

Morocco invests in hi-tech security satellites

Morocco takes security very seriously and has just invested $500 million with two French companies for the purchase of two satellites. The news was apparently not warmly welcomed by some of Morocco's neighbours.

The news first circulated in the French media and despite there being no confirmation from Moroccan officials, a magazine, published this month by the Spanish Armed Forces, reports the acquisition by Morocco of two spy satellites acquired from French companies Thales and Airbus Space System

This new acquisition is  significant because of the capacity of two satellites for precision surveillance and high quality imaging.

Unsurprisingly, the Algerian newspaper AlKhabar, which has close links to the Algerian military, was not impressed and claimed the systems were purchased to spy on Algeria.

Morocco is only he second Arab country to adopt this type of ultra sophisticated satellite after the United Arab Emirates.

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