Monday, September 22, 2014

Strike Across Morocco on Tuesday

A nationwide strike to be held on Tuesday September 23, involving public service employees, will cause major disruptions across Morocco

"The police will be on strike, so it would be wise to stay off the streets," said Fez local, Si Mohamed Abdellaoui.

As well as government offices, universities will also be closed. The National Union of Higher Education has called on all officials to observe the strike from September 23 to 25.

The General Union of Workers of Morocco (UGTM) voted to participate at a meeting on September 12.

“This is our way of saying ‘no’ to the government’s decision to keep employees in higher education in their positions after they are 60 years old [the age of retirement in Morocco],” said Abdelhamid Fatihi, head of the Democratic Labor Federation (FDT), at a press conference.

The austerity policy implemented by the government, and subsequent price rises of staples including oil, water and electricity has also been cited as a reason for the strike, as well as the government's decision to reform the pension system. The UGTM and FDT claim that the changes will result in a reduction of nearly 30% of pensions.

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