Saturday, October 11, 2014

Animal Rescue Fez Style

A mule had a lucky escape last week when it fell down a manhole in Fez. The cover had been removed, and the animal backed into it without seeing the hole

Fortunately, rescuers from the American Fondouk, aided by onlookers, were quickly on hand to extract the poor creature. Firstly it was given a tranquilliser, then a man was lowered head down into the hole, to the side of the animal, to pass two ropes around its hind quarters. A carpet was put as protective padding between the flanks of the mule and the rope.

It took considerable strength, and eight people, for the 400 kg animal to be extracted. Despite a few leg injuries, the mule is recovering well at the American Fondouk.

Photos and story courtesy of American Fondouk director Gigi Kay. 

The American Fondouk is open daily for visits from 8 am to noon. For more information CLICK HERE. 

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Maggi said...

poor thing. I hope he is enjoying a good rest and good food and recovers well.

Anonymous said...

I wish this donkey the very best!