Monday, December 08, 2014

Death of Abdellah Baha in Tragic Accident

State Minister Abdellah Baha, one of the closest collaborators of the Head of the Moroccan PJD Government Abdelilah Benkirane, died Sunday night in an accident

According to deputy secretary-general of the PJD, Slimane El Amrani, who visited the scene of the accident, between Rabat and Casablanca, "the accident occurred around 6 pm in the city of Bouznika. He was crossing the road and hit by a train he had apparently not seen. It occurred while he was checking the same location where Ahmed Zaidi, one of the charismatic leaders of the USFP, died last month when he drowned in his car under a bridge.

According to a statement from his party, the accident occurred when the Minister of State was out of his vehicle. Questions are being asked as to why he parked his car and walked in an area with bad visibility. The death was confirmed in a separate statement by the Ministry of the Interior, who mentioned "a railway accident".

The exact circumstances of the death of Abdellah Baha are not yet clear and in order to determine the cause a team of the Royal Gendarmerie have been asked to investigate. The investigations are being conducted under the control of the competent public prosecutor according to a statement from the Interior Ministry. The place of death has been sealed off by the gendarmerie to gather possible clues to explaining the tragic death of the Minister of State.

Several ministers also visited the site, while the tributes flowed quickly. According to the official page of the PJD Facebook, the funeral will be held Tuesday. Aged 60, Abdellah Baha was nicknamed the "black box" of the PJD by the media because of his strategic position within the party, his knowledge of political issues and its proximity to Abdelilah Benkirane.

Mr. Baha has served as deputy secretary general of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), since 2004. He was MP for Rabat for three consecutive terms, beginning in the 2002 legislative elections.

This native of Souss was vice-speaker of the House of Representatives (2007), Head of PJD Group (2003/2006) and President of the Commission of Justice, Legislation and Human Rights (2002/2003).

Member of the Executive Office of the uniqueness and Reform Movement (MUR), he was director of publication of the daily “Attajdid”, as well as “Al Islah” and “Arraya.”

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