Thursday, December 04, 2014

International Symposium on Pre-Roman History (Amazigh) in North Africa to be Held in Fez

Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University with the support of several partners is organising an international conference on "The Ancient Heritage of the Maghreb: Origins of the African Kingdoms (Amazigh)". The conference will take place in Fez from the 7th to 9th of May, 2015

It is expected that more than fifty specialists researchers, historians, archaeologists and scientists will present papers at the conference in relation to this topic focused on several main areas: history and civilisation, urban planning and architecture, archaeological material, economics, ancient languages ​​and epigraphy (the study and deciphering of ancient inscriptions).

Ifri Naâmar Moussa Cave

In addition to the scientific side of the conference participants will have an opportunity to visit the prehistoric site at Ifri Naâmar Moussa (On the left bank of the wadi Beht between Meknes and Khemisset) where artefacts and funereal sites from ancient Beaker Culture have been discovered and the better known archaeological site of Volubilis.

A Beaker child's grave at Ifri Naâmar Moussa

The symposium should be of wide interest especially to those interested in Amazigh (Berber) culture.
"Heritage is the legacy accepted - wanted, accepted and loved" - (John Robert Pitte, Heritage and Modern Architecture in the City, 1992)

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