Wednesday, January 21, 2015

French Institute in Fez Presents a Free Movie Tonight

Movie - Chronicles of a Playground 

Wednesday, January 21, 19h, Cinema Boujloud
Free admission

Directed by Fritah Brahim, France 2012/85 min
Authors / Writers: Fritah Brahim, Johanne BERNARD
Performer (s): ROTTIERS Vincent BAHLOUL Yanis, Rebbot Philippe Azoulay Anne KATEB Reda, Genre: Comedy

Brahim Fritah

Yacine is a veterinarian in the last zoo Palestine. His son Ziad, 10, spends much time with animals and has a special connection with the two giraffes. One night, after an air raid on the town, the male dies. The female can not live alone and let slowly die. Yacine must urgently find a new companion. But the only zoo that could help is in Tel Aviv...

After several short films "Chronicle of a playground" is the first feature film by Brahim Fritah

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