Monday, January 19, 2015

HM King Mohammed VI Launches New Health Initiatives in Fez

Yesterday (Jan 18) in Fez, HM King Mohammed VI launched construction works for two projects designed to improve the health services in the city

Carried out by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, these projects consist of building a centre for diabetes diagnosis and treatment at the Al Mariniyine district and a hemodialysis centre in the Zouagha district. 

It is understood that the combined cost of the projects will be around 17 million dirhams.

These projects are in line with efforts made by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and seeking to help underprivileged people access health care, and reinforce basic infrastructure.

The diabetes diagnosis and treatment centre will be tasked with raising awareness and providing health care for diabetes patients, enable early detection of diabetes degenerative complications and supervise and train regional stakeholders in the field.

The facility (5 mln MAD) will include a medical laboratory, a day hospital ward, consultation rooms, a nutrition education room, an infirmary, a kitchen, and a multipurpose room.

Morocco has the fourth highest number of people with diabetes among Arab countries, according to a study released by Nature Middle East magazine.

With 1.5 million diagnosed with diabetes, Morocco comes fourth in the ranking after Egypt (7.5 millions), Saudi Arabia (3.7 millions) and Algeria (1.6 millions).

The hemodialysis centre, it will contribute to relieving the Nephrology department at the Fez Hassan II University Hospital, and will monitor the progression of chronic renal failure due to the high prevalence of diabetes and hypertension.

The centre (12 mln MAD) will receive up to 300 patients per day and provide medical care for especially needy people. It will include 60 dialysis machines, rooms for ultrasound, electrocardiography, water treatment, check-up, awareness-rasing and nutrition education, and a medical laboratory.

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