Friday, January 23, 2015

Joe Cocker Tribute Concert in Tangier ~ January 24th

Joe Cocker died on 22 December, leaving behind a musical legacy that will continue to accompany the music lovers for many generations. A true legend of the "Blues-Rock," with 40-year career behind him, he will be honoured in Tangier tomorrow night

The tribute has been organsed by the Hotel Oumnia Puerto, Tangier-Tetouan Pocket, and sponsored by The American Language Center. The concert will bring together five musicians well known to the Tangier audiences - Amine, Adil, Ismael, Sarah and Hicham.

The concert will take place in the Grill Restaurant La Terrassa Hotel Oumnia Puerto which has been transformed into a concert hall for the event, and can easily accommodate up to 300 people.

50 Dh entry to the concert with a soft or beer consumption
Ticket on sale at the hotel with the concert taking place January 24 from 21h. For more info: Hotel Oumnia Puerto, La Terrassa Grill, Tel. 05 39 93 34 30 - 06 61 92 87 97

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