Thursday, January 29, 2015

Morocco Publishes List of Official Tourist Guides

In an attempt to curb the spread of false guides the Moroccan authorities have published a list of official tourist guides. The list is available as a download from the internet

However, it is doubtful it will be of much use, as many of the 2,700 names listed go back as far as 1972 and are reportedly no longer in business. There are also no contact details for a guide. It is doubtful that a tourist would have the time or inclination to find a guide then consult the internet in order to verify their status.

The list, which can be downloaded as an Excel CSV format file HERE,  lists the guide's name, the city in which he or she operates and the languages spoken by the individual.

The law governing the profession distinguishes between city guides and those in rural areas. Since 2014 guides need a certificate demonstrating proof of skills acquired in the field and after two years of training.

There appears to be little success in cracking down on the commission system which is a lucrative source of income for official guides. Tourists are warned to insist on "no shopping" in order to overcome the problem of being taken to shops rather than having a cultural experience.

This initiative is part of a broader government desire to secure the tourism sector. The list of approved travel agencies was put online in early January.

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