Monday, February 23, 2015

Digital Arabesques ~ A Kaleidoscopic Magic Carpet Ride

As part of the France-Morocco Cultural Season 2015 the French Institute in Fez is showing the work of digital artist Miguel Chevalier. The installation - Digital Arabesques - is an interactive virtual reality using the geometric designs typical of so much Moroccan architectural decoration and creating a "magic carpet"

Different graphic images composed of geometric patterns referencing zellige, arabesques, mosaics and mashrabiya, follow one another randomly. These moving patterns create a wave that forms and reforms to infinity ~ a colourful living universe constantly renewed.

In addition, sensors react to occupants of the space with this graphic universe of light changing according to the movements of visitors. The waves of colour are transformed according to their movements. This has echoes of earlier kinetic and Op Art that prefigured digital art

The resulting Arabesques intersect, intertwine and overlap, drawing ever more surprising compositions. The creation revives the idea of ​​trompe l'oeil and disrupts the perceptions of visitors by creating the sensation of a floor or wall that moves and shifts.

Miguel Chevalier found in the art of zellige, an ornamental grammar similar to his own visual language. The geometry that characterises this Moroccan art follows mathematical laws that computer software can  manipulate to form new shapes - Islamic art morphing through algorithms into digital art.

Miguel Chevalier's work, using software developed by Cyrille Henry and Antoine Villeret will be seen at four French Institutes in Morocco: Fez, Agadir, Tetouan and Essaouira.


Installation Digital Arabesques 2015
Miguel Chevalier

Opening night in Fez -  Friday, February 27, 18:30 at Dar Batha
The exhibition runs from February 27 to March 5
Monday to Friday: 9 am - 17h
Free admission

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