Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fifty-nine Police Injured in Bus Crash

A traffic accident involving three buses carrying police back from a football match has resulted in 59 injured. Two civilian drivers and a police driver are in serious condition

Fifty-nine members of the Police Kenitra Police Academy were injured on the motorway at Ain Sebâa.

The accident occurred on Thursday, February 19 at around 10 am on the expressway near the entrance of Ain Sebaa when a car suddenly stopped in front of eight police buses. The buses were unable to stop in time said the police chief of the Grand Casablanca, Abdellatif Mouaddib.

The collision occurred as the police were returning to Kenitra Police Academy after having been involved in security at a football match.

The injured were rushed to several hospitals in the city and a hospital source reported that the three injured suffered fractures.

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