Thursday, February 26, 2015

French Tourist Numbers Down ~ Again

The number of French tourists in Morocco fell again in January, according to figures from French travel agencies.

Morocco is the country most affected by the general decline in tourist reservations by the French. This is revealed by figures collected by the National Union of Travel Agencies (SNAV). It should be noted that the figures do not include Internet bookings. For all destinations, the number of bookings fell by 13.7% in January compared to January 2014. But in Morocco, the drop in bookings is 60%. The number of passengers had already begun to decline the previous month (-46% in December). The number of departures also fell to - 38%.

In terms of bookings, Morocco still remains the fifth destination of French tourists booking through a travel agency. The top four are Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

As France is the number one provider of tourists to Morocco, this downward trend is taken very seriously. In early February, the Ministry of Tourism announced a Dh100 million plan to support the sector. The plan, developed with the National Confederation of Tourism, aims to "mitigate the impact of events in Paris (especially the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo)"

Though the number of French tourists has recently declined in the kingdom because of their government warnings, Morocco stays the most attractive Islamic country which they still prefer to visit. According to a survey launched by Easy Voyage, 73,7% of the French participants won’t change their intentions concerning visiting the Islamic countries. 46,4% of them are heading to Morocco , which makes it on the top position among the visited destinations. Tunisia comes the next with 29,3% , followed by Arab Emirates with 21,2%.

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