Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Fez Dyers Souk Gets A Makeover

There has been concern in the Fez Medina that the ancient street of the dyers - the Dyers Souk - was being destroyed. However, the latest news on the street is that the souk is the recipient of some royal largesse - and will be restored, in a more environmentally friendly location

The Dyers Souk as it was 

According to locals, it was an initiative of King Mohammed VI, who offered the dyers twenty thousand dirhams each to take a holiday while the work was being done. In addition they were offered interim work on the new construction.

Workmen cleaning up the old souk - it will no longer pollute the river

The old dyers souk was seen as polluting, and with the work being done on cleaning up the river in R'cif, something had to change. Hopefully the new souk and its drainage system will be an improvement.

The souk has been in action for several hundred years and is where many small businesses bring fabric or skeins of wool to be dyed. Everything from old jeans to cotton shirts are treated and then resold. The souk was also a popular tourist destination and it is the restoration aims to ensure that this will continue.

Construction work is forging ahead at Rcif

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