Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Where do Moroccans go on Holiday?

While Morocco as a destination gets lots of attention, a little asked question is "where do Moroccans go on holiday?"

A recent investigation by the website www.jevoyage.ma, discovered some interesting statistics about Moroccans on vacation.

It is hardly surprising, but a majority (55%) of Moroccans go on holiday in summer. The average family budgets just over 4,000 dirhams per person and a length of between 4 and 7 days, depending on the season.

The biggest percentage (64%) took holidays within Morocco choosing Marrakech as their number one pick (54%). Marrakech visitors were also less dependent on the season, making it a year-round destination.  In second place came Agadir which takes around 19% of the market share due to its seaside location and some 300 days of sunshine per year.

Also a majority of holidays were taken on weekends and those times of the year that bridge school holidays

Northern destinations such as Tangier, Tetouan and M'diq attract 10% of Moroccans, ahead of Saidia in the 4th place with 8% of national demand.

M'Diq is popular with families after Ramadan

Destinations such as Essaouira are much quieter, though it does have a peak during the Gnaoua Festival. Places such as El Jadida, Oualidia,  Ifrane, Azrou and Chefchaouen attract domestic tourists in winter and spring rather than summer.

The busiest time of year for domestic tourism is the month following Ramadan, especially for families (67%) who want to travel with their children before school starts.

Turkey is the top destination for Moroccans

While domestic tourism is particularly healthy, there are a growing number of affluent Moroccans choosing to holiday abroad.  Turkey attracts 26% of the Moroccan market especially at Christmas. In second place is Spain (18%), followed by France (12%), Thailand (10%) and Italy (8.5%).


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