Monday, March 23, 2015

Creative Way to Start Libraries ~ Exchange a Book for a Concert Ticket

The novel idea of exchanging a book for a concert ticket is a concept dreamed up by Boultek in Casablanca. Named Dekhla b'ktab, the event takes place on on April 5th

Attend a concert and do a good deed at the same time is the idea of ​​Dekhla b'ktab ("entry with a book"), concert organised by the Boultek installed in the basement of the Casablanca Technopark . To attend the event, you must give a book. All books collected will be used to establish libraries in remote regions of Morocco.

The strategy has already proved its effectiveness. "Two libraries have already been installed with this concept, a Outat El Haj (region of Fez Boulemane) and another in a village near Guelmim," says Hamza Hachlaf, member of the rap group L'Bassline, who have invited 3 other groups to give free performances. "The idea is to make culture a social action lever," says the vocalist of L'Bassline.

L’Bassline (“The Misbehaved”) is one of the few hip-hop bands that aren’t inclined to mince their words. Formed in the conservative city of Fes in 2010, l’Bassline first became well-known for their single “Chayllah Système” in 2012

The other groups are scheduled include Kafline, who will open the concert, and Al Nasser. The programming and the concept are intended seduce fans of the Moroccan underground rap scene. It appears to work, despite minimal promotion. The first event was attended by more than 300 people.

Dekhla b'ktab, Boultek Technopark, Casablanca. April 5 at 16h.

Meanwhile, the new Medina Children's Library in Fez is booming! They are currently seeking donations for future improvements and running costs. Find out more here: Medina Children's Library

The Fez Medina Children's Library - can you help?

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