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Fes Festival of Sufi Culture 2015 ~ Updated Programme

The program of the 9th edition of the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture ~ “The Religion of Love. From Rabiaa, Ibn Arabi, Rumi, to the present day...  

Saturday 18 April
16.00 Opening ceremony: General introduction by Faouzi Skali, Roderick Grierson and Bariza Khiari followed by a musical and artistic moment.
20.30 Concert : Tribute to Rabiaa Adawiyya With Samira Kadiri, Fatim Azzahra Kortobi, Marwane Hajji and Salah Eddî n Mohssine « Intimate dialogues and illuminations »

Sunday 19 April
10.00 Round Table and poetic readings. "Tribute to Abdelwahhab Meddeb: Sufi moments".
16.00 Round Table: “Is there a revival of Sufism in the Muslim world?”
20.30 Concert Samaa of the Tariqa Boutchichiyya Qadiriyya
Samaa of the Tariqa-s Siqilliyya / Wazzaniyya

Monday 20 April
10.00 Round Table: 'The Religion of Love in Persian Mystical Poetry'
16.00 Round Table: „“Listen to This Ney”: Music of the Mevlevi‟ Kudsi Erguner (with recordings and live performance)
"Mevlevi visions: Eastern and Western Depictions of Semazens‟
Discussion led by Kudsi Erguner, Roderick Grierson and Faouzi Skali
20.30 Concert:  "Aşkin Sesi: The Paths of Love‟
Kudsi Erguner: Mevlevi music for the ney

Wednesday 22 April
10.00 Round Table: "The scriptural foundations of the Religion of the Love"
16.00 Round Table: "Presence of Rabiaa"
20.30 Concert: Samaa of the Tariqa Rissouniyya « Al Jawhara az Zarqae »

Tuesday 21 April
10.00 Round Table: "Rumi and the Legacy of Persian Music‟
16.00 Round Table: "Rumi and the Mevlevi: Ecstatic Poetry‟
20.30 Concert: Samaa of the Tariqa Charqawiyya

Thursday 23 April
10.00 Round Table: "Sufi Amazigh culture and poetry"
16.00 Round Table: "Bards of the spiritual Love of East and West"
20.30 Concert Part One: Amazigh songs and poetry.
 Concert Part Two : Samaa of the Tariqa Khalwatiyya du Chaykh Nur Allah Fatih (Turquie).
20.30 Concert: Sufi singings of Alep: Tribute to Jalaluddine Weiss

Friday 24 April
10.00 Round Table:"Writings and poems about spiritual love in Morocco and Andalusia"
16.00 Round Table: "Culture and expressions of spiritual love in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Saturday 25 April
10.00 Round Table: “Love and Futuwwa: the path of the Spiritual Chivalry”
16.00 Concert: Sheikh Hassan Dyck (Deutschland) & Muhabbat Caravan (with the participation of Ali Keeler)
20.30 Concert: Sufi Samaa and Andalusian Music.
The great voices of the Samaa of Morocco and the Andalusian Ensemble of Thami Harrak« The Religion of Love »

* This program is likely to be modified.
All the events will take place in the Museum Batha except the evenings of Friday 24th and Saturday 25th which will be held in Bab Makina

Musical and poetical accompaniment of the round tables by Katia and Gabrielle Légeret with the participation of Taghi Akbari and Mohammad-Ali Merati.

Artistic Exhibitions :

•“A vous de répondre” Curated by Pascual Jordan, Ingeborg Princess zu Schleswig- Holstein, Rudolf Prince de Lippe Opening date: 19th April 2015 at 6.30 pm (Pavilion des Expositions Fès Saiss)
• Fez Âm‟Art exhibition by Fatema Binet Ouakka, Maria Kermadi, Hajjar Alami and Smahane Alaoui from 18th to 25th April 2015 (Barcelo Hotel,Fes)

Among the expected speakers and personalities (in alphabetical order):

Abdelillah Benarafa, Abdou Hafidi, Abdellah Ouazzani, Abdellali Amrani, Abdourahman Waberi, Abdussamad Romero, Alan Williams, Ahmed Lkhakhlie, Bariza Khiari, Brahim Tijani, Daoud Gril, Eric Geoffroy, Ghalib Bencheikh, Ikram Benani, Ines Safi, Jaafar Kansoussi, Jane Lewisohn, Katia et Gabrielle Légeret, Kudsi Erguner, Leili Anvar, Leila Badaoui, Leonard Lewisohn, Michael Barry, Mohamed Ghani, Mohammed Dibaji, Mounir El Kadiri, Mustapha Cherif, Olivier De Gandt, Roderick Grierson, Saad El Khiari, Saïda Bennani, Salamatou Sow, Salah Stetiié, Salah-Eddine Bistawi, Souada Maoulainine, Suad El Hakim, Thami Harrak, Touria Ikbal, Xavier Guerrand-Hermès.

You can book your tickets online or find further information at Festival Site 

The View from Fez is an official Media Partner of the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture 
Photo credits: 
Top - Omar Chennafi
Bottom - Suzanna Clarke

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