Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Rabat-Salé tramway to be Extended

The Rabat-Salé tramway will be extended by 2.3 kilometres, a decision that has been warmly welcomed by potential passengers  
Rabat-Salé tramway. Photo credit: Yassine Toumi

The Rabat City Council has given unanimous approval for an extension of a second tram line connecting the neighbourhoods of Bettana in Salé with Akkari in Rabat.

The new line of the network will be extended along the side of the Akkari neighbourhood from the  Moulay Youssef Hospital through to the intersection of El Kifah Assalam and Assalam Boulevards, a distance of 2.3 km. There will be four stations located approximately 500 metres apart. It is expected that the extension of this line will service an additional 10, 000 users.

The operation of the two Rabat-Salé tramway lines began in May 2011. The operating company say that the Rabat-Salé Tram System (STRS) aims to carry 180,000 passengers daily between the two banks of the Bouregreg River through two lines: Hay Karima (Salé) - Agdal (Rabat), a distance of 11.7 km and Yacoub Mansour (Rabat) - Bettana (Sale) -7.8 kilometres.

Residents in Salé say the extension is very welcome and will cut the cost and time of transport across the Bouregreg river.

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