Thursday, April 02, 2015

Anass Habib to give Concerts and Workshops in Fez

One of the most talented singers and musicians in the Maghreb, Anass Habib, is set to hold a series of workshops and concerts in Fez. Anass has an extraordinary repertoire in a range of languages, including many Arabic dialects, in Syriac (Aramaic), in old Greek, French, Spanish and English

Anass Habib will be in Fez from the 19th to the 26th of April 2015 running a pilot for his project workshops and concerts in Fez Riads. He will give workshops of classical and Andalousian Arabic music from the Middle-East as well as some Aramaic songs from the early churches of Lebanon, Syria and Palestine and some Sephardic romances.

Anass Habib was born in 1980 and his singing ambitions showed at the early age of 5, when he sang classical Arabic melodies together with his family. At the age of 12, Anass gave his first solo concert in Fez.

Anass lived in Syria for two years, where he studied medieval and pre-medieval songs of the churches of the middle east in Arabic, Aramaic and Greek languages. He took lessons from the composer Said Qoteb (Damascus), and the singers Safouan Abed and Ahmed Kaddah (both from Aleppo).

Anass Habib ~ One of the most beautiful Arabic voices

After a few years of studying back in his home city Fez, Anass decided to give his knowledge and skills another major ‘boost’: he went to Lebanon, where he worked for three months on techniques of singing, Aramaic and Byzantine repertories with the great singer and teacher Ghada Shbeir.

In 2013, Anass continued his studies in Paris with the amazing singer Sister Marie Keyrouz. All these travels and studies made Anass what he is today: a very versatile singer of ancient and classical Arabic music, and a specialist in the field of Aramaic and very old Christian chant.

Being a singer yourself is difficult enough but Anass is rare in that he is able to pass this knowledge and skills to others. In 2013 and 2014 Anass went to study in Lyon (France) at the CEFEDEM institute where he graduated and he obtained his French (state) diplome of Music Teacher: Traditional Chant and Percussion.

Anass has performed in Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa and Tunesia.

His voice is considered as one of the most beautiful Arabic voices, with his ability of going from the deep and warm low tones in the bariton range (Anass’ primary range) all the way to the high tenor voice to express emotions and devotion. His repertory goes through a lot of countries and civilisations. From the great Lebanese diva Fairouz to the Egyptian Oum Kalthoum, from the Syrian Sabah Fakhri to the Lebanese Marcel Khalife, from Sufi poems to Maronite (old Christian) melodies and medieval Sephardic Andalusian songs.

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