Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cool Weather for Opening of Fes Sufi Festival

Although the day started with fog, the weather for the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture is expected to improve during the week and be fine but cool for tonight's opening performance

Faouzi Skali

For the opening ceremony at 4pm in the Batha Museum venue, the sun should be out and temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius. The opening will be performed by Festival Director Faouzi Skali with Bariza Khiari and Roderick Grierson.

Local star - Marouane Hajji - photo Sandy McCutcheon

Sunset today is just before 8pm and the evening concert at the Batha Museum, an homage to Rabiaa Adawiyya, will feature Samira Kadiri, Fatim Azzahra Kortobi, Marouane Hajji and Salah Eddin Mohssine. The weather will be cool with temperatures around 15 degrees.

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