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Eating Out During the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture

A quick guide to fine food and great atmosphere for hungry festival visitors

Dar Roumana

Given that the the theme of the festival is 'The Religion of Love', the folks at Dar Roumana suggest it  is the place for "the love of food". So if you wish to celebrate music, love and food during your appreciation of the Sufi Music Festival, then Dar Roumana is the place to do it.

The main dining room at Dar Roumana

Contact: Dar Roumana 30 Derb el Amer Zkak Roumane Fes Medina Morocco +212 660 29 04 04 (mobile) +212 535 741 637

Fez Cafe

Sparkling ambiance at Fez Cafe

The colourful and cosy Fez Cafe at Jardin des Biehn has a gorgeous interior and also an outdoor garden setting. A great place to chill out between events.

Contact: 0664647679 or

Riad Karawan

The comfortable and stylish terrace of Riad Karawan 

Riad Karawan is open for Sunday brunch and afternoon teas during the week.  You can lunch on their terrace, which has a spectacular view over the Medina, the Ottoman-inspired courtyard, or in their romantic dining room.

Contact: 05 35 63 78 78 or

Maison Moi Anan

Tranquility and great Thai food

The best Thai food in town - indeed many towns - is at the recently opened Maison Moi Anan off the Talaa Kbira, where designer and Thai chef extraordinaire, Anan, cooks up a storm. Using the freshest of local ingredients, supplemented by imported herbs and spices, the subtle and authentic blend of flavours is an unexpected but exciting experience to find in the Fez Medina. Please note: they are open for lunch from 12 midday.

Contact: 06 28 88 79 09 or 05 35 63 57 13 or

Resto 7

Elegance and fine food at Resto 7

The food renaissance at Restaurant Numero 7, (commonly referred to as "Resto 7"), has been brought about by an innovative program of chef's residencies. The food and service are always of a high standard.

Contact: 06 69 42 77 849 or

The Ruined Garden

The Ruined Garden restaurant is a delight. Opening hours are between 1  and 9.30pm. For those needing to keep in touch there is free Wifi in the garden and  a wide range of snacks, cakes and all day brunch. And there will be no annoying background music - just great ambiance and tranquility.

Contact: 06 49 19 14 10 or
13 Derb Idrissi, Sieje, Sidi Ahmed Chaoui. Ph 06 49 19 14 10

Palais Amani

A great lunch venue from 11.30 am to 3pm. A choice of evening meals in courtyard or dining room from 5.30 until 11pm. 

Palais Amani is also holding a special event- A workshop and concert by Anass Habib, a great specialist of traditional Arabic songs. Dates available: 23 and 25 April.
Maximum Persons: 15. *Booking essential as sales will be closed once numbers are reached.

The courtyard is great for lunch

Palais Amani Derb el Miter, Blida
tél +212 5 35 63 32 09
fax +212 5 35 63 32 29

Café Clock

Cafe Clock is one of the most visited cafes in the medina and because the menu is available all day, it is a perfect place to drop in for food or simply a jice or coffee. If you fancy learning to cook Moroccan cuisine, pick up some of the local Darija (Moroccan Arabic), try a little belly dancing, then check out the Clock cultural programme.  (Hint - try the Camel burger!)

Street Food

Every year since 2006 The View from Fez has selected Thami's as some of the best street food. It is still great, but there are also many new vendors with good food. The overall quality of Fez street food has grown much better over the last few years and it is recommended.

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