Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Moroccan F16 Lost in Yemen

Hours after the announcement of the disappearance of a F16 of the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces (FAR) in Yemen, photos published by Houthis began circulating on social networks. FAR say they can not authenticate these images 

In  a statement issued this morning (May 12,) FAR states that " authentication of this flood of information and confirmation that it is the missing pilot and aircraft are made ​​difficult by the fact that the the crash is in enemy territory."

FAR confirmed that the missing pilot is Lieutenant Yassine Bahti, aged 26 from Casablanca.

Lieutenant Yassine Bahti 

Houthi rebels claim to have shot down the fighter. A politburo member of Ansar Allah, Daif Chami, said the Houthis had shot down "a Moroccan fighter in the province of Saada."

The family of the pilot Moroccan Yassine Bahti are reported as being deeply affected by rumours that their loved one is dead albeit with no official announcement or confirmation.

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