Sunday, May 10, 2015

Slideluck II to be held in Fez ~ May 17

This year's Slideluck II will be on the 17th of May at ALIF Riad, at 6pm. The first annual Slideluck in Fez was held last April, and was a highly successful event which combined a shared meal, with food and drink brought by the attendees and a series of 14 slideshows with music by local and international artists

Slideluck founder Casey Kelbaugh at Slideluck I last April

Slideluck II in Fez is directed by photographer, Omar Chennafi. The concept brings together diverse groups of people, artwork, food, ideas and perspectives under one roof. From this diversity something unique and magical is born. Each event is localised in that artists from a community present work to that community. The work of established artists is shown alongside that of emerging and non-professional artists.

6: 00 PM Welcome to the event
6:30 PM Slideluck Pot-luck dinner (bring a plate of food to share)
7:00 PM Youth initiative presentation
and Slideluck photographic projections with music
8:00 PM Music Concert Song for Fez "Songs for Tolerance"

This event is sponsored by the American Language Center of Fez.

Contact: Omar Chennafi
+212 (0)659661502

 The View from Fez is a Slideluck partner

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