Monday, May 04, 2015

Why You Need to Visit Fez in 20 Photos: Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg Business has published a great set of photos of Fez and surrounds entitled ~ Why You Need to Visit Fez in 20 Photos

Photographer: Benoit Demers/Flicker via Bloomberg
Photo: Sandy McCutcheon The View from Fez ( via Bloomberg

The article and photographs collated by Nic McCormack, area fine photographic tribute to Morocco's spiritual, artistic and intellectual capital, Fez.
An authentic concoction of eighth-century Fez el Bali (Old Fez), the 13th-century Fez el Jdid (New Fez), and the 20th-century Ville Nouvelle (built by the French), the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities has been playing second fiddle to jet-set Marrakesh for a while now. No more. A wave of luxury hotels and design-minded restorations of crumbling riads, as well as an innovative food scene, is enhancing its unique identity and putting it on the map even more. A new terminal at the Fes-Saïss Airport is due to increase visitor numbers five fold.  - Nic McCormack

See the full article on Bloomberg Business  HERE

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