Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Literary Ramadan Evening in Fez

Ramadan Evening Sunday, June 28, 10pm at, Dar Batha

A literary recital of Christian and Muslim mystical poetry: Saint Teresa of Jesús and Sidi Boumedien

This poetry recital reflects the parallels between the Christian and Muslim mystical poetry through two of its most prominent writers: Santa Teresa de Jesús and Sidi Boumediane. The performers are Tewfik Benghabrit and Eliana Sanchez.

Tewfik Benghabrit is part of a generation of artists that dominated the Algerian music scene. He is one of the great musicians of Medh, (sacred music, Chaabi predecessor), with the lute he participated in the music scene in order to prevent some music from being forgotten.

Eliana Sanchez, is an actress of theatre, film and television. She participated in the successful series of TVE "Red Eagle" by José Ramón Ayers. As a writer and director, she presented Vermentidad, (2014) and Gravity 0.

The programme is presented by the Instituto Cervantes (Fez) in collaboration with the French Institute of Fez and the Urban Commune of Fez

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