Friday, June 26, 2015

Fez Festival of Amazigh Culture - Updated Program

The FEZ Festival of Amazigh Culture
AN INTERNATIONAL Forum on the theme :
"Alliance of cultures and religions for peace."
July 24th to July 26th , 2015

With a Tribute to

The Amazigh Militant Moha Lyoussi

The South North Center, the Spirit of Fez Foundation and Fez Sais Association organised in partnership with the Region of Fes-Boulmane, the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture and BMCE Bank foundation the eleventh edition of the International Festival of Amazigh Culture from July 24th to 26th July 2015 in Fez on the "Alliance of cultures and religions for peace."

This festival is part of the national endeavours related to the promotion of Amazigh culture in particular and the Moroccan culture in general. The strongest side of this initiative is the emphasis on the historical, social, and civilisational significance of the alliance of cultures and religions of the world for peace. The festival focuses on the interdependence of cultures and intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and the role of culture in the process of democratisation and peace building.

This festival also includes a part is dedicated to Amazigh song and poetry. Well-known great artists and musicians participate in this festival, namely: Latifa Raafat, Khadija Atlas, Nadia Laaroussi, Rkia Demsiriya, Mustapha Oumguil, Flaminco from Spain, group Tagrawla from Algeria and other stars of the Amazigh song.

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