Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Twelve year old "miracle girl" found alive after floating for 24 hours

Twelve year old Ikram is being described as a miracle girl for surviving in the ocean for 24 hours after being swept out to sea in Oued Cherrat  The girl was found alive Monday after being spotted by Moroccan police searching the area for bodies of children who drowned on Sunday

Miraculously, Ikram floated on the surface of the water, says a media source, adding that the girl was immediately evacuated to Rabat Avicenne hospital to receive the necessary care.

On Wednesday, the body of a 15 year old was found on the beach in Skhirat  bringing the death toll to eight. The body of the driver, drowned after saving two children, was also found Wednesday.

Despite the fact that the children's coach, Mustapha Amrani, president of the sports association, has been detained, the victims' families refuse press for compensation. The man is esteemed by parents and children and involved personally in their education. He has always been very concerned about their future, says a source in Benslimane.

Amrani rescued several children from drowning. Today, the families of the victims said the responsibility lies with local authorities for not having placed  a sign to prevent access to the beach or having lifeguards to monitor swimmers.

The coach, who refuses to eat since his detention, was evacuated today to Temara hospital, where he is in intensive care. The man could be prosecuted for manslaughter.

The tragedy occurred early Sunday afternoon when the children from the town of Benslimane were on an unguarded beach at Oued Cherrat. (See original story here)

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