Friday, July 10, 2015

Deep Travel Morocco: The Storytelling Workshop

Deep Travel, an immersive writing workshop, is returning to Morocco in October, this time offering a distinctive 9-day session that invites participants to help preserve a fading art form: storytelling

Morocco’s ancient storytelling tradition stretches back over 1,000. For generations, masters of the art performed their iconic tales in Marrakech's main square, Jamaa el Fna. But in these days of TV and Internet, this more subtle art form is being lost.

On the upcoming Deep Travel cultural exchange, participants will have the chance not only to hear the storytellers, but also to write, practice, and perform their own stories. They will be guided by experienced writers and performers both from the US and Morocco.

Volubilis: where the stones tell the stories

These leaders comprise a wide array of backgrounds and specialties:

Doug Cordell is a National Public Radio storyteller, performer, and Emmy-nominated writer. Doug has performed his own stories across the US, including the Fox Theatre in Oakland He’ll be teaching storytelling and performance skills throughout the workshop.

Travel writer Christina Ammon conceived of holding the first workshop in Morocco after spending several months in Fez, and she later became fascinated with the country’s storytelling tradition—instigating the upcoming workshop. Christina has written for publications ranging from the BBC to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Storytelling - it's in our DNA

Erin Byrne will be releasing her travel writing collection, Wings From Victory, in 2016. She is currently editing the collection, Vignettes & Postcards From Morocco, including work from the last Deep Travel workshop. She will help the group generate story ideas.

Poet-painter Anna Elkins, whose latest book, And: The Story of More, was just released this spring, will join Christina in helping with the on-the-ground logistics as well as “documenting” the trip in sketches.

The workshop will connect participants with people in Morocco who are helping keep the storytelling tradition alive, including photographer Omar Chennafi, restaurateur Mike Richardson, and best-selling novelist, Sandy McCutcheon.

Inspiration? Visit Moulay Idriss

Participants will get the chance to immerse themselves in the lively Marrakech Medina and then tuck away to the peaceful holy city of Moulay Idriss to develop their storytelling craft while taking day trips to Roman ruins, local wineries, and Meknes. At the end of the trip, everyone will return to Marrakech perform their stories at the legendary Café Clock.

Life is a Story - Find yours - Tell it

Find more information in this audio-visual itinerary
The trip runs from October 21-20, 2015
Total Cost: $2850 / €2519 Includes accommodation, most meals, transport within Morocco, guided tours and lectures, and instruction.
For further details, visit:
For inquiries and registration, contact Christina Ammon at:

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