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Moroccan Tbourida, ~ the Powder Game ~ on Show in Beijing

Photographer John Horniblow has a major exhibition opening in Beijing on July 4th. The exhibition Tbourida : The Fantasia of Morocco, is a series of photographs describing the thunder, smoke and dust, colours, energy and spectacle of the Moroccan Tbourida

Shot at a number of moussem across Morocco including Moulay Abdellah Amghar, Moussem des Cerises Sefrou, Tissa, Festival du Cheval, El Jadida, and Meknes, the photographs are part of a selection for a pending book publication.

Gunpowder smoke and muzzle blasts as the sorba ( riding team) ends its charge in Seffrou

Tbourida, also known as the ‘Powder game’, is a traditional and popular equestrian art inspired by the historical wartime attacks of the once feared and fiercely brave cavalrymen of Morocco.

The sorba wait anxiously before forming charge lines. Moussem Moulay Abdellah Amghar in Doukkala
A seasoned rider poses stoically atop his horse in the trooping of the sorbas in Seffrou, Morocco

The colourful spectacle of Tbourida is a contest of speed, endurance, grace, discipline and manoeuvrability for Morocco’s horsemen and horses. Tbourida is practiced across all rural areas of Morocco to celebrate national and religious moussem (holidays), as part of Morocco’s national culture and the past tribal identity. Tbourida or Fantasia is wildly popular with Morocco's predominant rural population and troops or sorba can be found all across the country and congregating to celebrate moussem in colourful tournaments often lasting for days.

Reflective young horseman, mentally preparing for a pending charge. Oued Merzeg, Morocco

John Horniblow past his work has been referred to as having an understanding of the human connections that are common across the cultures of the world. His work is often shot in close intimacy with his subjects using a style of work that immediately invites the audience into being present in the scene, a style referred sometimes as « candid intimacy », like a window or invitation into a scene.

A riding mentor  offers some advise to a young woman rider in Oued Merzeg

The work is on exhibit at Zarah,  46 Guloudongdajie, Dongcheng , Beijing Sat July 4th ( opening 6.00 pm ) - August 28th   北京东城鼓楼东大街46号

About John Horniblow
John Horniblow is a photographer, writer and filmmaker who recently moved to Beijing after living for 4 years in Morocco. John's photography has been published with Time publications, Geo Mundo, National Geographic, Penguin books and many other periodicals. He commenced his photographic documentary career as media and documentation officer on Expedition to Circumnavigate South America including voyaging to Antarctica. He has worked on assignment for National Geographic with leading wildlife photographer Franz Lanting , and CNN and produced documentary stories on a range of subjects.

He is also the Founder, Editor in Chief and publisher of the online photo documentary magazine Photojournale. In 2010 he published Photojournale’s first book anthology “Photojournale – Connections Across a Human Planet “, a virtual, web 2.0 global publishing collaboration with Photojournale’s global community of photographers. John trained as a cinematographer and has shot, directed and produced award winning short, television documentary and industrial films working with broadcasters such as BBC, SBS, and ABC. His documentary and drama work has also been screened at International film festivals and on network television.

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